Living Water Cathedral Church of the Living God
A Real Church, with a Real Message, for Real People
Elder Anthony M. Graham - Senior Pastor
Reverend Susan A.R. Graham - Executive Pastor
Reverend Vincent Stokes - Pastor
Reverend Brenda Stokes - Pastor
Not Just a Church, but a Description of the Believers
1 Peter 2:25, John 7:38, Ezekiel 47:9
Living Water Cathedral
Living Water Cathedral CLG
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Living Water Cathedral Church of the Living God
Elder Anthony M. Graham - South Daytona, FL

Emmanuel Church of the Living God
Bishop Dr. L. Delores Ward - Ormond Beach, FL

Church of the Living God
Bishop Theodore N. Brown - Presiding Bishop

Other Church of the Living God Ministries

United Covenant Churches of Christ
Bishop Eric D. Garnes - Brooklyn, NY

Tabernacle of Praise - Cathedral
Bishop Eric D. Garnes - Brooklyn, NY

Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church
Bishop Sheldon M. McCarter - Winston-Salem, NC

Temple of Faith Church
Bishop Roger J. Hairston, Sr. - Columbus, OH
Dabar Bethlehem Cathedral
Bishop H. Curtis Douglas - Queens, NY

The Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops
Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II - Cleveland, OH

Pentecostal Church of Christ
Archbishop J. Delano Ellis, II - Cleveland, OH

Cathedral International
Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. - Perth Amboy, NJ

Shabach Ministries of Praise
Prophet Dr. Todd M. Hall - Orlando, FL

Faith Harvest Church
Bishop Randy Borders  - Shelby, NC

Pilgrim Assemblies International
Archbishop Roy E. Brown - Brooklyn, NY

The Elim International Fellowship
Archbishop Eugene Blount - Brooklyn, NY

Rhema Christian Center
Apostle Dr. La Fayette Scales - Columbus, OH

Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
Bishop Paul S. Morton - Atlanta, GA

Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church
Bishop Paul S. Morton - Atlanta, GA

Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church
Pastor Debra B. Morton - New Orleans, LA

Kingdom Worship Center
Bishop Ralph L. Dennis - Towson, MD

Healing for the Soul Ministries
Minister Judy P. Linton - Brooklyn, NY

The Highway Church
Bishop Liston Page, II - Paterson, NJ

Shiloh Christian Center
Bishop Jacquelyn D. Gordon - Melbourne, FL

Total Grace Christian Center
Bishop Johnathan E. Alvarado - Decatur, GA

Sweet Holy Spirit Church
Bishop Larry D. Trotter - Chicago, IL

United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic)
Bishop Monroe Saunders, Jr. - Baltimore, MD

Transformation Church of Jesus Christ
Bishop Monroe Saunders, Jr. - Baltimore, MD

Hope Fellowship Church
Bishop Derek T. Triplett - Daytona Beach, FL

The International Gathering at Beth Rapha
Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. McCullough - Pomona, NY

Empowerment Temple AME Church
Pastor Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant - Baltimore, MD

New Samaritan Baptist Church
Bishop Michael Vernon Kelsey, Sr. - Washington, DC

Abundant Life Family Worship Church
Bishop George C. Searight - New Brunswick, NJ

The Fountain of Praise
Pastor Remus E. Wright - Houston, TX

Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church
Bishop Neil C. Ellis - Nassau, Bahamas

Mount Ararat Baptist Church
Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis - Pittsburgh, PA

New Mercies Christian Church
Pastor Jesse Curney, III  - Lilburn, GA

The Greater Allen Cathedral of New York
Reverend Dr. Floyd H. Flake - Jamaica, NY

The Body of Christ Church International
Reverend Dr. Joseph M. Ripley, Sr. - College Park, GA

The Potter's House
Bishop T.D. Jakes - Dallas, TX

Bountiful Blessings Ministries
The Late Bishop G.E. Patterson - Memphis, TN

West Angeles Church of God in Christ
Bishop Charles E. Blake - Los Angeles, CA

Robert E. Houston, Sr. Ministries
Reverend Robert Earl Houston, Sr. - San Diego, CA

New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International
Bishop Victor T. Curry - Miami, FL

Ray of Hope Christian Church
Reverend Dr. Cynthia L. Hale - Decatur, GA

Praise Power Network
Bishop Thomas Wesley Weeks, Sr. - Baltimore, MD

Bethe'l Family Worship Center Church
Bishop George G. Bloomer - Durham, NC

Trinity Broadcasting Network Ministry Links
Dr. Paul & Jan Crouch - Santa Ana, CA
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