Living Water Cathedral Church of the Living God
A Real Church, with a Real Message, for Real People
Elder Anthony M. Graham - Senior Pastor
Reverend Susan A.R. Graham - Executive Pastor
Reverend Vincent Stokes - Pastor
Reverend Brenda Stokes - Pastor
Not Just a Church, but a Description of the Believers
1 Peter 2:25, John 7:38, Ezekiel 47:9
Living Water Cathedral
Living Water Cathedral CLG

Elder Anthony M. Graham loves the Word of God and has been preaching since 1996.  He was raised up in and served at Beulah Church of the Nazarene (Brooklyn, NY) for many years and was one of the Lay-Preachers of the church.  While at Beulah, he was a devoted worker in ministries that were vital to the operations of the church.  He served as a member of the Executive Church Board, the Treasury Department, and the Vice President of the Youth Department.  The Lord gave him a vision to create a Teenage Worship Service called “Tween Church” – a play on the word “Between”, which described the new Worship service as being between the Adult Worship Service & Children’s Church.  This Worship Service was created for young people ages 12 through 19, and was a tremendous blessing to the church at large.
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Elder Anthony Marc Graham

Elder Anthony M. Graham was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  He attended William E. Grady Vocational and Technical High School (
Brooklyn, NY), the College of Staten Island (Staten Island, NY), Medgar Evers College (Brooklyn, NY), and graduated from the Institute of Theology & Ministry Training (Orlando, FL) in May 2006, receiving the the prestigious
"PRESIDENT'S AWARD" for Outstanding Academic Achievement & Ministry Proficiency.  He is currently
Elder Anthony M. Graham has been blessed with the opportunity to minister in various cities around the country.  Whether he is preaching to a few individuals or a multitude of people, Elder Graham delivers the Word of God with an eagerness to see Christians walk in the blessings of the Lord.  He has a unique preaching style that every generation represented in the Body of Christ can comprehend and appreciate.  The Presiding Prelate of the Florida Atlantic Diocese, Bishop Dr. Ward, describes him as “a person with a profound understanding of God’s Word.  In the pulpit and out of the pulpit, he enthusiastically shares the Word.  His preaching indeed causes one to think and motivates change.”
On Saturday, April 16, 2005, Elder Anthony M. Graham was ordained in the Annual State Assembly of the Florida Atlantic Diocese by the Presiding Prelate, Bishop Dr. L. Delores Ward, along with the Presiding Elders and leadership of the Diocese.  Two years after his ordination, Elder Graham established Living Water Cathedral Church of the Living God in Palm Coast, Florida. With this new church, Elder Graham is committed to preaching and teaching  the Word of God with power and passion.  Living Water Cathedral Church of the Living God is "A Real Church, With A Real Message, For Real People" with a mission  to "Empower People so they can Empower Others".
Elder Anthony M. Graham is happily married to Susan Graham, the Executive Pastor of Living Water Cathedral Church of the Living God, and is the proud father of three children: Rebecca, Elijah, and Sarah.  His ministerial goals are to be the best pastor he can be and to be a dedicated, humble servant to God and to His people in any function possible.
After an Abrahamic-type call from the Lord, Elder Graham moved, with his family, from Brooklyn, NY to Daytona Beach, FL in July 2000.  He served faithfully  for seven years at Emmanuel Church of the Living God as the Church Administrator under Bishop Dr. L. Delores Ward.  He currently serves as the District Presiding Elder of the East Coast District in the Florida Atlantic Diocese and is a National Officer in the Church of the Living God as the Website Administrator. 
working towards his Masters Degree in Theology to sharpen the pastoral call that is upon his life.  He is the also the CEO/Managing Director of AMG Media Consulting.  A company that provides pastors/preachers with essential social/marketing tools that will help fulfill the vision God has mapped out for their churches/ministries.